Dodecanese and Samos ...from Kos

You can start your Dodecanese route from our base in marina of Kos, in the popular island with its lush green wooden hills. The cruising possibilities in the Dodecanese are endless, thanks to the 14 beautiful and unique islands in this area. In this Eastern part of Greece, and along the Turkish coast, in the crystal blue waters of the Aegean Sea, some of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean can be found. Discover Simi with its picturesque harbor, Patmos with its famous monastery of St. John, Arki, Lipsos, Leros, Kalimnos home of the sponge divers. It is worth a visit to the whole group of islands in the Dodecanese.

There is an endless, amazing variety of opportunities for pleasurable sailing, historic exploration, nightlife, or alternatively the tranquility and relaxation of the many numerous small bays.