Cyclades and North Dodecanese... from Syros

The island of Syros is situated in the heart of the Aegean. Hermoupolis, the major city of Syros —a town filled with monumental buildings— is the capital city of the Cyclades, (administrative, cultural, athletic, industrial and health center). Syros is very well connected to Athens with flights (Olympic airways or private, 30 min.), private Air - taxi (VIP- service, 30 min.), High-speed ferries (approx. 2 h.) and normal ferries (approx. 4 h.).

Syros has been chosen to be the seat of Cyclades Sailing, due its unique location in the center of the Aegean, as well as for its naval tradition, the oldest one in Greece, which is represented today by Shipyards, boat yards and yachting equipment shops and so being the only island around which can provide a complete and really good service to the yachts. On the other hand, the fully industrially developed east side of the island, causes a surprising combination with the long isolated beaches and the transparent waters of the West side, offered for sunny holidays by the very first day.

From the bay of Finikas (our departure port), in the SW side of the island, our fleet is sailing to the dreaming world of the Aegean’s over 2.000 (inhabited or deserted) islands. Whether you sail Westwards, Southwards, Eastwards, or Northwards, the Cyclades islands and the North Dodecanese can be discovered in pleasant short day trips. And if the North Wind, the Meltemi, would freshen up, you will still find original harbors and silent bays without having to sail back to Athens against the wind.

In Finikas bay our boats are waiting for you to sail...