Sail & Hiking

Do you like a SAILING and WALKING adventure ???



Combine sailing & hiking around the magical islands of the Cyclades, on our ECO Live-aboard sailing + diving boat Sun Kiss 45 Tahita, as Solo travelers or as a group.



Experience the unique nature and landscapes of these small, non-touristy Greek islands by walking their ancient paths. Walk at the tips of mountains that offer breathtaking views to the Aegean sea, traditional villages, byzantine and ancient settlements… and reach virgin beaches where you can rest and have a refreshing swim.


Sotiris (long years' skipper (and Divemaster), who speaks German, English and Spanish fluently and also basic French)




 Annie (Hiking guide / Deck - hand (and Dive Instructor) - a keen hiker and a guide for our guests around the traditional paths of the Greek islands, who speaks English fluently and basic Italian and French).



Here is a sample of what you will experience while sailing & hiking with us for a week…

Day 1: Meeting at the island of Naxos in the evening. Briefing, arrangement of provisions and supper at one of our favourite taverns in the old town. Check the island’s beaches, enjoy a short walk to the temple of Apollo and watch the sunset or walk around the picturesque alleys of the old town leading up to the castle.
Day 2: We’ll start the day with a visit to one of the island’s most picturesque villages, Filoti. Within an easy 2 hour walk you will conquer the Cyclades’ highest peak, Zas. The view from the top to the Aegean Sea and the islands of the West and Small Cyclades is really mind blowing. We’ll rest and have a picnic admiring the view. We’ll then descend towards Agia Marina and go back to the boat. Late in the afternoon we’ll sail towards the remote bay of Kalando in the South of Naxos. We’ll enjoy a barbecue on the beach.

Day 3: After a morning swim we’ll sail to the little fishing port of Iraklia. Relax, swim and check the island. Early in the evening we’ll walk from the hora, Panayia, to the cave of St. John. It’s an hour hike to the largest cave of the Cyclades, famous for its formations of stalactites. On our way back to the village we’ll enjoy the sunset from the top of the hill. You’ll have the chance to enjoy home made food during supper at the local bakery/tavern at the hora.
Day 4: Sail towards the mountainous island of Amorgos. We’ll stop on the way for lunch and swim at the crystal clear blue waters of the deserted island of Antikeri. We’ll continue our sail towards the fishing port of Aegiali where we’ll spend the night. In the evening, you’ll enjoy a short hike to the village of Tholaria where you’ll enjoy traditional island music and delicious dishes at one of its taverns.
Day 5: Today the day we’ll be dedicated to hiking and discovering the island’s northeast area which is characterised as a Natura 2000 area due to its unique flora and nature. We’ll start our hike from the beautiful village of Langada. We’ll follow the narrow path towards the impressive church of St. Theologos, where we’ll rest and have a snack under the shade of one of the church’s outhouses. We’ll then take the trail towards Stavros enjoying the impressive view of rock formations and deep blue sea underneath. Relax and enjoy one of Aegiali’s beautiful beaches for the rest of the day.
Day 6: We’ll set sails towards the islands of Koufonisia, known for their crystal clear turquoise waters and beautiful beaches. They also belong to the Natura 2000 network. We’ll spend the night on the anchor at one of the beautiful bays of Kato Koufonisi. In the evening we’ll enjoy a walk around the island and have supper at the tavern of the only family that lives in the island. They have their own animals and produce all their vegetables and fruits themselves. We don’t have words to describe the quality of food you’ll taste!
Day 7: Last day sailing towards the island of Paros and the fishing port of Piso Livadi. Early in the evening we’ll go to the one of the oldest villages of Paros, Lefkes, and walk for an hour towards the picturesque village of Prodromos. We’ll have supper at the local ‘cafeneio’ and enjoy Greek hospitality and home-made food. If we’re lucky locals we’ll entertain us with live music!


All sailing & hiking holidays start from Syros, Paros, Naxos or Milos depending on the week. The above itinerary is an example of what you will experience on our Sailing & Hiking trips around the islands of the Cyclades. We don’t follow the same route every week and every itinerary may slightly change due to the weather and other factors beyond our control. Remember that we cannot go against the weather!



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